Stand with President Nicolás Maduro & the People of Venezuela!

No to U.S. Intervention in Venezuela!

Tell Obama, Kerry, Congress and the Media: HANDS OFF VENEZUELA!

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TO: President Obama, Secretary Kerry, Members of Congress, and Members of the Media:

  1. That since Feb. 12 a reactionary revolt led by pro-fascist elements in relatively few of the 335 municipalities of Venezuela has brought about the death of 37 people as of March 28 by the equivalent of terrorist acts, including the use of snipers and paramilitary forces infiltrated from Colombia, and of vandalism, destroying public facilities like health-care centers, government buildings, subway stations, universities.
  2. That these fascist groups have received political and material support from the U.S. government, the CIA and other entities like NGOs used by Washington to subvert progressive governments.
  3. That U.S. officials, including Secretary of State John Kerry and both Republican and Democratic senators and representatives have not only attacked the legitimatly elected government of President Nicolas Maduro but have also distorted reality by repeatedly insisting that the Bolivarian government is responsible for the deaths, caused by alleged but non-existent “government repression.”
  4. That the corporate media have repeated these lies from U.S. government figures and have in general followed the “Big Lie” formula made infamous by Nazi Propaganda Minister Josef Goebbels who said: “Repeat it enough and people will believe it.”

I demand:

  1. That the U.S. government and all its public, secret, official and unofficial agencies immediately cease all forms of intervention in Venezuela, including ceasing of all material and political aid to right-wing organizations within the country.
  2. That the big corporate media immediately stop their blatant lies about the Bolivarian government of Venezuela, admit their role in spreading these lies, and instead publish and broadcast the explanations of the events given by the Venezuelan government.
Para el Presidente Obama, el Secretario de Estado Kerry, Miembros del Congreso, y miembros de los medios de comunicación:Dado que:

  1. Desde el 12 de febrero una revuelta reaccionaria encabezada por elementos pro – fascistas en relativamente pocos de los 335 municipios de Venezuela ha provocado la muerte de 37 personas hasta el 28 de marzo, con actos terroristas, incluyendo el uso de francotiradores y fuerzas paramilitares infiltradas desde Colombia, y de vandalismo, como la destrucción de instalaciones públicas, incluyendo centros de salud, edificios del gobierno, estaciones de metro y universidades.
  2. Que estos grupos fascistas han recibido apoyo político y material del gobierno de EE.UU., la CIA y otras entidades como las ONG utilizadas por Washington para subvertir los gobiernos progresistas.
  3. Que funcionarios estadounidenses, entre ellos el secretario de estado, John Kerry y senadores y representantes republicanos y demócratas no sólo han atacado al gobierno legítimamente elegido del presidente Nicolás Maduro, sino que también han distorsionado la realidad insistiendo repetidamente que el gobierno bolivariano es el responsable de las muertes causadas por la presunta, pero inexistente “represión del gobierno”.
  4. Que los medios de comunicación corporativos han repetido estas mentiras de figuras del gobierno estadounidense que en general han seguido la fórmula tristemente célebre de la “Gran Mentira” del ministro de propaganda nazi Joseph Goebbels, quien dijo : “Una mentira repetida, se convierte en realidad.”


  1. Que el gobierno de EE.UU. y todas sus agencias públicas, secretas, oficiales y no oficiales cesen inmediatamente todas las formas de intervención en Venezuela, incluyendo el cese de toda la ayuda material y política a las organizaciones de la derecha y de la extrema derecha en el país.
  2. Que los grandes medios corporativos detengan inmediatamente sus mentiras descaradas sobre el gobierno bolivariano de Venezuela, admitan su papel en la difusión de estas mentiras, y en su lugar, publiquen y difundan las explicaciones de los hechos ofrecidas por el gobierno venezolano.

Say no to another war!

The International Action Center has put out a call for a week of actions regarding Ukraine, lasting from March 10 to 17. We wholeheartedly endorse this call and encourage all our readers to take part in whatever way you can.

The U.S. government has engineered the downfall of the Ukrainian government in a coup spearheaded by known fascist groups. It is now attempting to maneuver NATO forces into the situation. If it is not stopped, this latest imperialist aggression can have the direst consequences for the region and the world.

Whether you’re a worker struggling for a living wage, a person fighting racist or sexist abuse, or a youth trying to get a job or an education, you will be affected by this — just as previous generations were so terribly hit by the Korean War, Vietnam War, the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War and the many other atrocities that the profit-hungry rulers of this country dragged us into, from Yugoslavia to Libya.

The IAC call says in part:

“The threat is real. Sanctions, war buildup, warships with guided missiles to the Black Sea, F-15 fighter jets on Russia’s border are dangerous provocations. Washington has recognized and committed more than $10 billion to an illegal right-wing government that seized power from elected officials.

“Actions large and small are urgently needed — informational picket lines, visits to congressional offices, protests at media centers against war propaganda, vigils, and challenges to government officials. Let’s make our voices heard.”

As of this writing (March 11), actions have already happened or been scheduled in scores of cities across the country. We urge you to find a way to participate in some of them. For a list of already scheduled events and info about what else you can do, see iacenter.org or go to tinyurl.com/mmxkx4o.

Let the world know that the people here won’t be lied into another dirty war!

In Tucson:

Friday, March 14th 4:00pm

Gather at Federal Building

300 W Congress

Downtown Tucson

March to John McCain’s Office


No new U.S. war!

Say No to War! Say No to Fascism!

Cuban anti-terrorism fighter returns home to hero’s welcome

By Paul Teitelbaum on March 4, 2014

President Raúl Castro greets Fernando González, Feb. 28.

President Raúl Castro greets Fernando González, Feb. 28.

Fernando González Llort, one of the Cuban Five anti-terrorist heroes, returned home to Cuba on Feb. 28, after serving his entire unjust prison sentence of 15 years. González was released from the federal prison in Safford, Ariz., the day before when he was handed over to U.S. Immigration officials and deported.

González was met at the Jose Marti International Airport by Cuban President Raul Castro, his mother, Magali, spouse Rosa Aurora and two sisters. Rene González (no relation), the first of the Cuban Five to be freed, was also there to greet his comrade, whom he had not seen since their trial in 2001. The mothers of all the Cuban Five and the spouses of still-imprisoned Hernández and Labañino were there to greet him, too.

On March 2, a concert was held at the University of Havana to celebrate González’s return and truly give him a hero’s welcome. “I publicly reiterate my infinite gratitude for these 15 years of support and struggle that I know will not cease until Gerardo, Ramón and Tony have returned,” González told the crowd, referring to the three members of the Five who remain unjustly imprisoned in the United States.

In an interview with the CubanitoenCuba blog right before his release, González explained how solidarity and the support of the worldwide “Free the Five” movement helped sustain his capacity to resist and survive inside the cruel U.S. incarceration system. “Knowing that you can count on the understanding and support of a whole militant people and hundreds of thousands of friends worldwide inspires more confidence in victory,” he said. “We would never have given up our principles. However, the solidarity and support that we have received from the Cuban people and so many other friends everywhere make your sentence easier to bear and become to us a commitment of resistance and combativeness.”

This points out how imperative it is that progressive activists everywhere redouble our efforts to free all of the Cuban Five. We must bring the campaign to free the Cuban Five into our community groups, unions, schools, neighborhoods and news media. Endorse and spread the word about the International Commission of Inquiry, which takes place in London March 7-8 (voicesforthefive.com), and endorse and participate in the upcoming third annual “5 Days for the Cuban 5,” which takes place in Washington, D.C., June 4-11 (5daysforthecuban5.com).

From Ukraine to Venezuela: U.S. wages dirty wars

By Fred Goldstein on February 26, 2014

Destroying the Ukraine government through an armed insurrection is part of a broader strategy by U.S. imperialism to colonize the former Soviet republics and encircle Russia. The right-wing forces now running Kiev would let the Ukrainian masses become debt slaves to U.S., French and German banks.

Feb. 24 — Washington has escalated its global campaign of reactionary subversion from Ukraine to Venezuela. A takeover in Ukraine would bring the Pentagon and Wall Street to the borders of Russia. In Venezuela, the Bolivarian Revolution is crucial to the bloc of countries resisting U.S. imperialist domination in Latin America.

The U.S. ruling class would like nothing better than to weaken Russia and return it to the semicolonial status it was heading toward immediately after the collapse of the USSR, when Boris Yeltsin was president. It would also like to return to the era of Yankee imperialist domination of Latin America that prevailed until the victory of the Cuban Revolution in 1959.

Right now the big imperialist powers in Washington, Berlin, Paris and London, who preach democracy to the skies, are hailing the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Victor Yanukovich in the Ukraine.

To be sure, the Yanukovich government was corrupt and no friend of the working class. It was an instrument of a section of Ukrainian oligarchs. But the same can be said of the forces that overthrew him. Furthermore, he is no different than dozens of government leaders supported by Washington around the world. The corrupt character of Yanukovich has nothing to do with why Washington joined in his overthrow.

The destruction of the Yanukovich government by armed insurrection and the installation of pro-Western puppet politicians is part of a broader strategy by the European Union, in cahoots with the U.S. imperialists, to colonize the former Soviet republics and encircle Russia as part of a new cold war.

Phony call for ‘democracy’

Yanukovich was overthrown by a combination of illegal political scheming by the pro-imperialist parties in the parliament, weeks of demonstrations by right-wing, pro-West forces, and finally, by threats and violence from fascist shock troops who took command of the streets and spearheaded the takeover.

The big business media portrayed this as a contest between the western Ukrainians, who want to align with “democratic” Europe and the West, versus the eastern, Russian-speaking Ukrainians, who want to align with autocratic Russia.

This is a completely superficial view that conceals the essence of the conflict.  With Ukraine facing imminent bankruptcy, Yanukovich was vacillating over whether to align the country’s economic relations with Europe or Russia. The EU offered paltry loans that would impose conditions of austerity and privatization and hinge on the release of right-wing, pro-EU billionaire politician Yulia Timoshenko from prison.

EU, U.S., IMF over Ukraine

Russia, on the other hand, offered a $15 billion loan, a one-third reduction in the price of gas and favorable trade relations. Yanukovich, whose base is in the Russian-speaking East and South of the country, decided to accept Russia’s terms. This infuriated the EU, Washington and all the oligarchs, bourgeois and middle-class elements who wanted to integrate with Western capitalism and imperialism.

The right-wing forces who now prevail in Kiev preferred to put Ukraine in the position of becoming a debt slave to German, French and U.S. bankers and the IMF. This is the same agenda imposed on Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy, as well as several countries in Eastern Europe.  These forces would sacrifice the national economic interests of Ukraine, and especially the interests of the working class, to be with Western imperialism. They chose bondage to Western finance capital rather than emergency assistance from Russia.

This is not to say that the capitalist, expansionist Putin regime, in making its offer, was guided by anything other than a desire to retain its sphere of influence in the former Soviet republics for the benefit of Russian oligarchs, bankers and industrialists who are living off the spoils they plundered when they broke up the economy of the Soviet Union.

Fascist shock troops pave the way

But in the struggle between Russian capital and Western imperialism, the worst outcome is for Washington, Wall Street and the Pentagon to extend their reach to the borders of Russia and gain domination over the former Soviet republics. U.S. imperialism is a far more dangerous enemy to the people of the world than Russia. Their victory in Ukraine would strengthen their empire and give them more resources to oppress and exploit workers in the U.S.

The political victory of Western imperialism was carried out with fascist intimidation and without a shred of capitalist democracy. Laws were passed and the Ukrainian Constitution was changed by a rump parliament.  Members opposed to the right-wing takeover were physically attacked or intimidated by the anti-Semitic, ultra-nationalist Svoboda Party inside the parliament and by the anti-Semitic, pro-Nazi forces of the Right Front in the streets. Illegal votes were taken in an atmosphere of terror and intimidation while over 100 members opposed to the right-wing takeover were absent and there was no quorum.

The parliament took charge of the police and ordered them to retreat from the battle in Independence Square just as the fascists were getting more and more aggressive. The withdrawal of the police from the square — the site of government buildings, including the presidential quarters — set the stage for fascist squads, under the command of the Right Front, to take charge of the entire area. In the midst of the crisis, Yanukovich fired the head of the armed forces, indicating the military was letting the fascist offensive proceed.

As shown by the now infamous “f… the EU” phone call between U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt and  U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland, Washington was vying with the EU for control of the situation and discussing who to pick to lead the new government, while relying on the fascists to get rid of the elected government of Yanukovich.

Right now, fascists in Ukraine are burning down Ukrainian Communist Party headquarters, toppling statues of Lenin and defacing monuments to heroes of the World War II victory over Nazism. With the stench of fascism all around, the imperialist powers are feverishly working to fashion a new government that will align with the West.

The parliament has issued a warrant for the arrest of former president Yanukovich for “mass murder.” This is completely fraudulent. The fascist forces in the square were armed, not only with clubs but with firearms. They were threatening the government with violence. Ultimatums were issued for the resignation of Yanukovich and force was imminent if he did not resign.

Police were attacked and the government did what any government would do: it fired in self-defense against an invasion by armed fascists. People died on both sides of the conflict, including police. As to the “civilians” who were killed, it should be noted that the fascists were “civilians.” If anything, the Yanukovich government was much too vacillating in its own defense.

Tymoshenko reports to her masters

Once the government was overthrown and Yanukovich fled from Kiev, Yulia Tymoshenko, who led a similar pro-Western coup in 2004 (the so-called Orange Revolution), was released from jail. She rushed to the platform in the Maidan and harangued the crowd, promising to integrate with Europe, among other things.

Her first phone calls were “with Angela Merkel as well as with Stefan Fule, a top European Union official, and with Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., Christopher Murphy, D-Conn., and Richard Durbin, D-Ill. Tymoshenko also met with ambassadors from the United States and EU countries. “ (New York Times, Feb. 24)

Clinton: ‘re-Sovietize’ the republics

As to imperialism’s broad strategy, it was to keep Ukraine from joining the Russian-sponsored Customs Union, an economic alliance of Russia with Belarus and Kazakhstan. Last November, the EU tried to get Ukraine to join the so-called Eastern Partnership. Yanukovich, along with leaders of several other former Soviet republics, turned it down, and the whole scheme to absorb the republics into the EU fell apart.

In December 2012, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, speaking in Dublin, revealed the attitude and strategy of U.S. imperialism: “There is a move to re-Sovietize the region. It’s not going to be called that. It’s going to be called Customs Union; it will be called Eurasian Union [proposed by Putin in 2011] and all of that. But let’s make no mistake about it. We know what the goal is and we are trying to figure out effective ways to slow it down or prevent it.” (upi.com, Dec. 7, 2012)

Of course, the last thing on the mind of the Putin regime is to “re-Sovietize” anything. He heads a counterrevolutionary, capitalist government. Clinton was merely trying to redbait the Russian government.

However, the fascist armed insurrection in Ukraine’s Independence Square is the means to accomplish the goals stated by Clinton and the State Department. Ukraine is to become a vassal state to the EU, the U.S. and the IMF and be cut off from its natural, regional alliance with the Customs Union.

Venezuela under U.S. attack again

In the Western Hemisphere, Washington is also fighting to set up a “democracy” for the capitalist oligarchs in Venezuela in much the same way they are bringing “democracy” to Ukraine — by organizing and financing a right-wing mobilization in the streets of Caracas, San Cristobal and other cities. Fortunately, the masses in Venezuela, unlike in Ukraine, are mobilized to defend the Bolivarian Revolution established by Hugo Chávez.

Furthermore, the politics of the struggle are clearly understood by the Venezuelan masses and the entire progressive population of the world. The goal of Washington is to overthrow the Bolivarian Revolution and restore the domination of U.S. imperialism in the country.

Washington lost that domination when Chávez came to power in 1998.  He took control of the oil revenues and created institutions to empower the masses and improve their health, education and living conditions on a wide scale, eventually declaring socialism as the goal of the revolution.

The pro-U.S. right-wing was defeated in a coup attempt to oust him in 2002, and has  lost election after election, by large margins, since then. It has been unable to regain political power by democratic, parliamentary means. Thus the CIA, the counterrevolutionary bourgeoisie, working with the reactionary regime in Colombia, embarked on a new campaign of subversion and destabilization to destroy the government of Chávez’s successor, President Nicolás Maduro.

Washington has unleashed aggressive right-wing forces led by Harvard-educated Leopoldo López. López has ties to Colombia’s former president, Alvaro Uribe, who ruled by death squad. López is now in jail for his role in organizing demonstrations of youth in the wealthy areas of Caracas and fomenting a violent attack on government installations.

The wealthy business community in Venezuela has continued to destabilize the economy by hoarding goods, causing serious shortages for the masses. The resulting price increases and inflation are then blamed on the Maduro government.

The masses in Venezuela are in a more advantageous position than the working class in Ukraine. They are far more organized, politically conscious and determined to defend the revolution, which has brought real gains for the people. But given the U.S. record of counterrevolutionary subversion in Chile, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador and many other countries in Latin America, this campaign must be taken deadly seriously.

Unlike in Venezuela, in Ukraine the masses have already suffered a setback in the West of the country. It remains to be seen if a counter-offensive can be mounted in the Russian-speaking eastern, industrial section of the country, where there is deep opposition to the right-wing takeover.  The parliament has just passed a law that says the official language is Ukrainian only.

However, if the imperialists are able to implement their austerity programs, the economy is more privatized and Western corporations move in for the kill, the working class is going to see clearly what the present right-wing takeover was about. This will lay the basis for a new chapter of resistance by the working class in Ukraine.

Goldstein is the author of “Low-Wage Capitalism” and “Capitalism at a Dead End,” which has been translated into Spanish as “El capitalismo en un callejón sin salida.” The books are available on Amazon.

Holiday Greetings from Leonard Peltier

Greetings my relatives, friends, and supporters:

In this season of giving, receiving and acknowledgement of blessings, I want to acknowledge all of the people who have helped me all of these years and I want the supporters outside the U.S. to know I appreciate them also. Sometimes I am at a loss for words.

Some of you probably have experienced moments like that when you are overwhelmed with thoughts and remembrances of loved ones that for some reason you cannot see or who have gone on.

I know a lot of you are concerned about the children and getting them gifts for Christmas; I was listening to a program recently that was talking about just such things and how everyone was so concerned at this time of year. I want to just touch on that for a moment. I would like to say there are so many of our children around the world that need our help ALL the rest of the year, and that their disappointments do not just come on Christmas or some other holiday- they come EVERYDAY when they do not have enough to eat or they do not have someone to care for them. I want to encourage you all to think of these things and also about our elders, and the people suffering in hospitals, and of course in prisons, where just receiving a letter in the mail is like a holiday to them, or an elder who sees a familiar face and it is like a holiday to them, or a child who gets to eat all he wants … that’s a holiday.

Among our people there was always a celebration of the Solstice which usually falls around the 21st or somewhere about there. There were always prayers at these times and often ceremonies; but gift-giving was a year-round thing that our people did. Maybe I am being a bit over sensitive or sentimental at this time of year, as are a lot of people, but again I want to thank you for ALL the support you have given to me, and for the gifts you have given the children on the reservations and the letters you write to me and to other men and women in prisons. I know there are groups that get together, like the one in Portland Oregon, that regularly writes letters to prisoners. These things are greatly appreciated and I have no doubt that you will be blessed by these good things you do. I know some of you in your giving sometimes might be extending your resources, but I recall one time in a fasting ceremony that I was doing; I was told, those who give of their extra are appreciat ed and blessed but those who give what they cannot afford– that is sacred.

I pray in a sacred way, that each of you will be blessed this coming year. Find a sacred way you can help heal the Earth, heal our troubled children and make a better place on this planet for ALL to dwell. Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Gandhi, Black Elk, Chief Seattle, all of the well known spiritual leaders in the past had one thing in common: they were willing to think and act outside the box. In a world filled with materialism, those of you that have been helping protect the Earth, the children, the elders and victims of injustice are of that same caliber.

I pray that you enjoy your holidays, that you feel the blessings of your actions, and that the Creator speaks to you in a kind and gentle way. Give someone a hug for me, and tell them, “This is from Leonard Peltier.”

Your friend always,

In the spirit of Crazy Horse Leonard Peltier Mitakuye Oyasin